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Wednesday, June 13
Join Will Pye
7:00 PM

Please join us as we welcome Will Pye back to our Center for a special gathering!.Will-Pye-bowing

Will Pye is a teacher of "Radical Gratitude."

After what might now be regarded as nondual realizations as a child, Ku Will Pye experienced years of suffering manifesting mainly as depression and a desire to not exist. A wish to end this suffering mingled with a deep yearning to know Truth fueled intensive spiritual exploration. Much Zen practise, energy healing, shamanic exploration, yoga, Qi Gong, philosophical study and scientific research led to shifts in perception including insight into the emptiness of self at 28. At 31, total surrender to death following a brain cancer diagnosis yielded experience of  infinite and eternal being and the perfection unfolding.

Since then Will has shared presence and explored consciousness with groups in workshops, retreats and "Meetings in Love, Truth and Laughter" around the world whilst experiencing equally vast volumes of amusement and appreciation. Join us to explore a way of being Will calls Radical Gratitude. Here every breath, pain, conditioned thought, identity and contraction are recognized to be God making Love with Itself as we realize the naturally joyful love of Being.

Will can also be found handing out Love Letters to strangers as part of a hopelessly idealistic global movement of love and awakening, Love & Truth Party, exploring what awakened activism might look like as we celebrate oneness. www.loveandtruthparty.org and www.willpye.com.

Please join us for a special adventure in healing Wednesday, June 13, with Will Pye!

Suggested donation $15.

"Will Pye is the real deal; a dharma teacher with chops!"
Dr. Rick Hanson - NY Times Best Selling Author

"We're aspects of a conscious universe making infinite love with itself - realizing this is our birthright." -  Will Pye

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